Win at Virginia Regional

Wow! We’re feeling pretty darned good after winning the 2011 Virginia Regionals this afternoon with our alliance partners 1676 and 1522. Yesterday’s qualification matches went very well but today’s play was quite challenging, even tense at times.

Funny thing. We didn’t perform all that well in the New Jersey Regional. We learned from that and figured we’d play in Virginia, have a good time, and that would be that. But after today we really want to attend – and win – the Championships in St. Louis!

There’s just one problem: money. We’ve got to find a whole lot of it in a very short time to turn the St. Louis dream into reality. (Hint: If you see us fundraising, well, we sure hope you’ll help!)

There are lots of pictures and video from the past few days to share and we’ll be doing that just as soon as we have something better than hotel bandwidth.

But right now it’s time for some sleep.

Thanks to our sponsors, coaches, mentors and parents for their untiring support and help.

Virginia Regional 2011 Championship Team 25

Photo by Will Weaver - see his photostream on Flickr

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