Written by Joey Ikuss, member of the build team, pit crew, and a very loud person.

My name is Joey Ikuss and I.Believe.That.We.Will.Win.

Watching the FIRST games from the stands is very exciting. When I see the Team 25 machine working well and winning, I get so excited. This year, along with Harrison and Erik’s help, we were able to take cheering for Team 25 to the next level. Before each match, we had a ritual that we did as many times as we could, to help psych everybody up before the match even started. The three of us lead the cheering for the team, and went absolutely crazy when the robot was winning. Specifically, this year we began to do a cheer known simply as “I Believe.” This is a simple, yet effective chant that psychs up the drive team when they hear it. It starts off with Erik, Harrison, and myself screaming “I” at the top of our lungs. Then, everybody else repeats after us. We then shout “I Believe,” and everybody follows. Then “I Believe That,”  and “I Believe That We,” which everybody keeps following, getting progressively louder. Then with one final scream, the three of us scream “I Believe That We Will Win!” Everybody then goes crazy chanting “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN” repeatedly at the top of their lungs for around 30 to 45 seconds. In this time, we go crazy. I do my signature move, The Monkey Dance, during which I go crazy and flail my arms like an animal. The three of us lead the craziness amongst our teammates, and we know everybody can hear us when we do an “I Believe!”


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