Tommy Ikuss featured in NBTHS Paper

Recently, The Banner, the school paper, featured Tommy Ikuss in one of its articles. Below, is the article about Pit Crew Captain Ikuss.

Tommy Ikuss: Robotix Pit Crew Captain to Engineer
By Julia DeCicco

Technologically savvy, Tommy Ikuss aspires to be an engineer once he graduates NBTHS.

With talents that extend far beyond the classroom, Ikuss exhibits a multitude of strengths.

“I really like to spread my wings and do as many things as possible, and although this is a good thing, it is difficult being constantly busy and always running around,” said Ikuss.

Outside of the classroom, Ikuss excels as the pit crew captain of Robotix and is responsible for building the team’s robot and then maintaining it during competitions. As pit crew captain, Ikuss has been able to cultivate his interests in science and engineering while simultaneously having fun.

“Not only have I learned so much about science and engineering, but I have also met so many interesting people and have gone to so many cool places like Atlanta, St. Louis and Las Vegas.”

In addition to participating in Robotix, Ikuss is a student-athlete. He is a member of the cross-country and volleyball teams. Of all his extracurricular interests, he finds his position as a youth leader for Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen Change Campaign one of the most gratifying.

“We essentially work to raise money for Elijah’s Promise Food Bank,” he said.

Maintaining above a 4.35 GPA all throughout high school, Ikuss has had to work hard. Although he has always managed to excel academically, he admits that high school has not been easy.

“Time management and staying on top of my schoolwork and all my extracurricular activities has been really challenging at times,” Ikuss said.

Despite the rigor of his academic schedule, he has always managed to have fun. In his spare time, he exercises, hangs out with friends, plays viola and reads.

Ikuss has many fond memories of high school, including the German exchange program. He describes it as the best time of his life.

“I met so many cool people in Germany, got to experience German culture firsthand and got to see and do so many cool things, from medieval castles to Berlin.”

Academically speaking, he has enjoyed Mr. Beaumont’s AP English Language and Composition course the most in high school.

“It was very intensive but I learned so much, and I am so much better off having taken it,” he said.

Ikuss plans on applying to many schools, all of which excel in the sciences because he is certain that he wants to pursue a career in engineering. He is not sure which engineering discipline he wants to study yet.

“I want to make a difference as an engineer and I really hope that once I get out into the working world, I can turn my hard work and dedication towards a meaningful project.”

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