Brunswick Eruption 10 Results

Thanks to all of the team members, coaches, volunteers and parents who stepped up to make this an event to remember.

The Brunswick Eruption winning alliance consisted of Teams 1676, 1075 and 2554.
The event finalists were Teams 25, 2559 and 369.
The Top Eight teams were  167610751089, 2559, 2180, 25, 41 and 56.
The Mike Wade Memorial Award winner: Jim Giacchi, Team 41.
The winner of the Minibot Challenge was Team 2607.
The Food Drive Champion was Team 806. (But all contributors were winners in the eyes of the North Brunswick Food Bank!)
The Aloha Award winner was Team 303.
The Dave Beck Memorial Award winner was Team 2180.
Best Autonomous Mode went to Team 1075.
The Big Kahuna Award winners were Walter Suchowiecki and Mike Lubniewski.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Don’t forget to check out the event photos in our gallery.

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