Rebound Rumble

The upcoming 2012 FRC season is right around the corner and you have probably just begun preparing for this season’s game, Rebound Rumble. The main objective of Rebound Rumble is simple: Collect basketballs that are littered around the court and then successfully shoot the balls through one of the four baskets which are located on three different tiers. However, you must strategically decide which basket to aim for as the highest tier basket is worth three points, the two middle baskets are worth two points, and last but not least, the lowest tier basket is worth a single point. The course is riddled with many obstacles, while the game itself is filled with challenges. First, there is a central obstacle located on the field, causing movement through the center of the play area to be a struggle. In order to cross onto the opposite side of the field, a team must either have their robot travel over a small steel beam that is located directly across the center line of the play area, or the team may decide to cross to the other side of the field by lowering a bridge and crossing it without tipping over. Finally, if you thought the beginning and middle parts of the game were fun, then you will think that Rebound Rumble’s end game is a blast! During end game, it is recommended that alliances attempt to balance as many robots as possible on the three bridges. The Coopertition Bridge, which is directly in the middle of the field, requires one robot from each alliance to help balance it in order for both alliances to earn extra “Coopertition” points. These points will help teams qualify higher in the rankings. If robots balance on their respective alliance bridge, they will earn regular points for that game only, which has the potential of providing enough points for an alliance to clinch victory in that match. In summation, the objective of this year’s FIRST robotics game is quite simple and entertaining: score as many points as possible by scoring basketballs or balancing bridges to help your alliance win the match.

To better understand this year’s game, watch the Rebound Rumble game animation below:

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