The Greater Reward

2006 was a wonderful competitive year for Raider Robotix. The team won the NJ and Las Vegas Regionals and had a 31-0 win/loss record going into the Championship Event in Atlanta. We had been awarded the Chairman’s Award in NJ and Cokeley was given the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. So when we played in Atlanta the team was pumped like no competition before.

Play at Championships was harder but still the team prevailed and we ended up winning the Newton Division with teams 968 and 195. It seemed like our alliance was unbeatable. We battled through the Einstein stage quarterfinals and finally came to face the alliance of 217, 296 and 522. Round 1 of the finals didn’t go well for us. Partner 195 pretty much fell apart on the field and we lost the round 26-53. But the drive team was ready for the second round and we were going to battle back.

In the interim between rounds word got to our alliance that a member of the competitor’s alliance had broken a linkage or something and didn’t have a replacement part. Our alliance had the needed part and we gave it over so they could play. It was no big deal. It was the right thing to do.

In the end fate decreed that we would lose that last round also- a shooting fest where it ended 98-94. We took second for the nation. We did our best and we did what was right.

A few months later the attached letter came to us through the mail.

Sometimes people ask if we would have changed our course of action had we known the final outcome. I would like to believe that we would do it all over again. Sure trophies are nice but peace of mind is the greater reward.

One thought on “The Greater Reward

  1. The 2006 robot was an amazingly accurate and powerful machine. Pound for pound it was the best machine in FIRST that year. We had a great drive team and pit crew along with fantastic scouting. The one thing that could go wrong did though, our partner had major mechanical problems. (it happens) Unfortunately, it happens at the most critical time as in 2003. After losing the first match a broken part on our opponent seemed like a huge break. The reality is that it would have been an uneventful win if we played against a 2 bot alliance. As it stands, we did the right thing and gave them the part. After thinking about it I was taken back to one of our semi-final rounds in 2000. We had destroyed a SPIKE which I believe controlled our anchoring device. If anyone has the video of the timeout we used to repair our bot, they will see a part being handed to one of our crew. That part came from some unidentified team. Without that part we would surely have been defeated and that would have certainly changed the history of Raider Robotix. It’s my thought that T25 is where they are today because of the good deed of another team. So I realized 2006 was a payback for the favor. And it was a Great Final Match

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