LEGO Robotics Camp 2013

2013 LEGO CAMP (2)In July, Raider Robotix team members helped run our team’s annual LEGO Robotics Camp. After advertising in the local newspaper, online media, and at the North Brunswick youth sports festival, the camp quickly filled to its maximum capacity of 10 students.

LEGO camp was held in the NBTHS library for four hours everyday from July 8-12. LEGO Robotics Camp participants learned to design, build and program robots using the LEGO RCX® and Mindstorms® platforms. Each day brought on a new problem solving challenge based on the engineering principle Raider Robotix members taught the students. Campers learned how to construct and program robots that raced each other, navigated through mazes, and participated in a sumo competition. In the process, they learned about gear ratios for speed and torque, programming logic, and basics of the engineering design process–all valuable skills for their future.

2013 LEGO CAMP (4)If you are interested in being on the early-notification list for next year’s program, please visit the LEGO Camp mini-site. We are looking forward to seeing even more participants next year!


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