Brunswick Eruption 12 Thanks and Congrats!

The 12th installment of our annual off-season event, Brunswick Eruption, was held on Saturday, November 11, 2013 and was our largest event yet! 40 teams hailing from Connecticut, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania descended upon the NBTHS gymnasium to play the 2013 FRC game, Ultimate Ascent, one last time.

Congratulations to the following teams for taking home coveted Brunswick Eruption Tiki Trophies at this year’s event:

Winners: 1923, 369, 375
Finalists: 1626, 1279, 1143
Hoku Award: 1676
Mahalo Award: 303
Food Drive Champion: 806
Shoe Drive Champion: 806
Evil Sundae Survivor: Tyler from Team 2559
Kumu (Mentor/Teacher) Award: Craig Evans (Team 1089)

Additionally, congratulations to team mentors Kristian Calhoun and Lauralynne Cokeley for being the recipients of this year’s Big Kahuna awards!

Finally, we would like to thank Mid-Atlantic Robotics (MAR), the North Brunswick Board of Education, Raider Robotix Parent & Mentor Association (RRPMA) and the following key volunteers for helping make this event possible!

Master of Ceremonies: Katie Stevens
Game Announcer: Jeff Bunca
Event Manager: Bharat Nain
Volunteer Coordinator: Nathalie Tran
FTA: Wiliam Limratana
FTAAs and CSAs: Oliver Graff, Mark McLeod, Josh Morris
Field Supervisors: Brian Sherman and Corey Kirschner
Scorekeeper: Kevin Dieterle
Referees: Kristian Calhoun, Sam Alexander, Angela LoPiccolo, Jeffrey Huber, Nour Srouji
Lead Queuer: Koko Ed Patterson
Judges: Sam Couch, Holly Waldman, Clifford Dey, Amanda Fowler
Executive Sponsor: Chef Timothy McGuire
Webcast and A/V Manager: Brian Mollica
Photographers: Brandan Calhoun, Carl Hansen

Pictures from the event will posted shortly.

Additionally, match footage will be uploaded to the Raider Robotix YouTube Channel. Subscribe!

Match Results:

We look forward to seeing everyone back at next year’s Brunswick Eruption!

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