2014 Build Season Update

The new FRC season began on January 4, 2014. Raider Robotix attended the local kickoff event at Montgomery High School to participate in workshops, watch the game reveal, and pick up our kit of parts. After the event we met to read the game manual and discuss various strategies and scoring methods. Meanwhile, several Raider Robotix mentors had traveled to the official FIRST kickoff site in New Hampshire to go hands on with the playing field for this year’s game challenge, Aerial Assist:

In the past three weeks, Raider Robotix has been silent-but busy! During the first week of build season, the team spent time brainstorming strategies, modeling and prototyping potential designs, and fabricating different field components. The Drive team mocked up a catching device on an old practice base and drove it around to see how feasible catching the ball would be.

During the second week, the mechanical team finalized the design for our drivetrain and chassis. We then began to manufacture and assemble it, which included shaving down and cutting tread into our custom Skyway wheels. We’re in the stages of completing the design for the superstructure and mechanisms that will be mounted on top of the drive base.

The Scouting team held a presentation to introduce the process of scouting to new team members. Since then, they designed the paper scouting sheet that will be used to collect data about robots’ match performance at competitions. Now, they are working on developing scouting software that will aggregate and display the collected data. We also received a generous donation from Penn Warehouse & Distribution Inc., which the scouting team is using to buy a camcorder and memory storage to use to film matches at all of our events.

The Awards team has been very busy brainstorming and assembling information for our Chairman’s Award submission. After choosing a theme and completing an outline, they have begun drafting the essay. They also wrote a preliminary script for the video and will begin filming in the coming weeks.

Build season has been exciting and tiring, but we manage to stay afloat thanks to the support of our coaches, mentors, and meal support from the RRPMA on late nights. Stay tuned for more progress throughout build season. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates on what we’re up to!

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