Lenape Seneca Event Recap

After winning the Engineering Inspiration Award, becoming event Finalists at our first District Event at Hatboro-Horsham, and taking the Mid-Atlantic Robotics region by surprise with our unique and innovative design, there was again quite the buzz online about how Team 25 would perform at the Lenape-Seneca MAR District event. Chief Delphi’s Looking Forward mentioned us once again in his Week Four Post:

“25 took a different approach to Aerial Assist than most teams, and right now are looking pretty smart, despite only having a silver medal.”

After taking one of the highest total assist points (330) in week one of MAR and ranking 8th in MAR points, we felt confident in our robot’s design, driver capability and strategic role on the field as we entered our second competition of the season.

This time, the pit crew and trailer arrived without any pre-competition roadside accidents to load in on Friday afternoon. With the exception of having to replace some recalled pneumatic air tanks for ones provided by FIRST, we moved through robot inspection with no problems at all.

In our Saturday morning practice matches we impressed teams with a couple of catches and felt good going into the qualification rounds. While the drive team warmed up, juniors Sarah Sleiman and Keertana Chirra spent the entire afternoon interacting with judges, sharing our team’s story, robot design, and community outreach efforts. In between small  repairs and regular robot maintenance, Seniors and pit crew leaders Tristan Tushinski and Urmil Shah answered questions about our robot for any scouts from other teams.

Our elimination alliance at the Lenape-Senece District Event. Photo courtesy of Team 1647.

Our elimination alliance at the Lenape-Senece District Event. Photo courtesy of Team 1647.

We ended the qualification rounds on Sunday ranked 5th out of 40 teams with an impressive record of 9-3, and the highest assist points in MAR and second highest of any Week 4 event (790). We were invited to join the 3rd seed alliance by our friends and alliance partners from Hatboro-Horsham, Team 1647, Iron Devils to see if we could go for the gold this time around. We completed our alliance by inviting Team 1923, The MidKnight Inventors, from the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District in New Jersey. Before the beginning of the Elimination matches, the coaches, drive team members and head scouts from all three teams met for an alliance strategy meeting in one of the computer labs at 1647’s high school. We won the first quarterfinal match against the 6th seeded alliance (816, 1218, 708) with a score 224-113. Unfortunately, in the middle of our second quarterfinal match, one of our alliance partners’ pickup mechanisms stopped working, which rendered us unable to score the three assist cycles that gave us an edge. After taking it to a third match to determine who would advance to the semifinals, we suffered a narrow 4 point defeat.

At the end of the day the judges transitioned into the awards ceremony. Team 25 was selected as the recipient of the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox for our unique design and game strategy. We had a great time at Lenape High School and would like to thank all of the volunteers and Lenape Regional School District for helping make this event run as smoothly as possible. At the end of week 4, we are ranked in the top 15 out of 105 teams in the MAR Region and are optimistic about our chances of attending the MAR Regional Championship to be held April 9-12th at Lehigh University.

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