New 2016 FRC Game: FIRST Stronghold!

Today was the day over 3,000 teams comprised of 78,000+ students from around the world were waiting for—the 2016 FRC Kickoff event!

After releasing a teaser trailer in October announcing the name of this year’s game, FIRST Stronghold, and a medieval theme, everyone’s interest was peaked as to what our robot would have to do this year.

Team members gathered at Montgomery High School in Skillman, NJ to watch the kickoff broadcast. Meanwhile, a small group of mentors visited the kickoff held in New Hampshire to go hands-on with the official playing field.

The game animation for FIRST Stronghold, below, was shown at the end of the broadcast:

We’re excited for all of the different strategic options available in this game compared to last year’s. Time to go brainstorm! We only have until February 23rd to design, build, and test a robot for this year’s challenge. We’ll check in periodically to update you with how things are progressing. For more frequent updates, be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, @RaiderRobotix!

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