Build Season 2016: Weeks 1 and 2 Recap

The students of Team 25 have been hard at work for the first two weeks of build season. The entire team met the Monday following kickoff for our large group brainstorming session. After discussing some of the rules and analyzing the game, we decided on what we thought was the best strategy to pursue to play FIRST Stronghold.

In the days following this initial meeting, all hands were on deck in every student subteam of Raider Robotix.

Our design team started working diligently to design different robot subsystems using CAD. Meanwhile, the build crew started to construct the classic Team 25 drivebase for this year’s robot, taking into consideration the special requirements of the new game. These two subteams will have a close relationship, as we are making many 3D printed parts for our robot this year.

Thanks to our new sponsor, Abbe Lumber, we were able to get enough wood to construct a field’s worth of obstacles. At the start of week two, roughly half of the field elements had been constructed.

One of the final team standard designs.

One of the final team standard designs.

The communications crew has had their hands full with this year’s set of awards and videos. They have been documenting the 2016 build season better than any other. They have completed the final designs for the team standard that will be hung above our player station during matches and are working on a special 20 year anniversary t-shirt design.

The scouting subteam gathered design requirements and has started programming a new Android scouting application for this year’s competitions. Working alongside them, the programming crew has started developing some robot code for practice purposes. Lastly, the electrical group has constructed a temporary control system to test and practice with the new robot.

Stay tuned for more updates in the following weeks as the robot begins to take shape!

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