Build Season 2017: Weeks 5-6

Week 5

As the weeks have flown by, more of the robot’s subsystems inch closer to completion. We are now driving the robot on a daily basis to find potential issues, debug them, and iterate our designs. We have also been using the drive time to test new robot drivers. Last year’s operator, Adam, will be this year’s driver. After some practicing, we were able to score five gears in two minutes. 

The scouts have made good progress in the past weeks. We quizzed them on their knowledge of the game rules so they now know the game inside and out. Their eagle eyed efforts will be essential when making alliances. Our publicity team is quite busy, designing and creating unique steampunk apparel and decorations tailored for the robotics team. You can see some of our pieces in previous blog posts. As the week comes to a close, it’s exciting to see that the end is nearly in sight.

Week 6

The final week is in progress, and the robot is finally complete. We’re glad to report that our robot is fully operational and ready to take on this year’s challenge! The build team was able to hit all bases with FIRST Steamworks. The robot can obtain and deliver gears, shoot balls in both the low and high goals, and get itself on the rope and hit the buzzer. This level of functionality came from the dedication and creativity of our build team. This year, our robot will perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Team 25, with many logos and colors adorning it. We are also making adorable buttons to hand out on game day. As the final week comes to a close, the tension is building, and we’re excited to prove our mettle in competition.

Travel arrangements are always difficult to make. Coordinating hotel booking, meals, transportation, and luggage delivery is a whirlwind of details. Every year, the Raider Robotix Parent’s Association (RRPMA) makes sure that all the travel arrangements are made in advance for the team. It just one of the many things that RRPMA does for team so that we run smoothly. So much is handled by the Parents Association, Team 25 wouldn’t be the same without their help. On behalf of Raider Robotix, we would like to thank our parents for keeping us running like a lean, mean winning machine.

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