Mount Olive District Event – Taking Home the Gold!

Oh, what a weekend it has been. This weekend, the Raiders participated in our first competition of the season at Mount Olive High School. Our scouting team constructed a winning alliance that soared to first place! Shout-out to our alliance members: Team 303 – the T.E.S.T Team from Bridgewater, NJ and Team 1923 – The MidKnight Inventors from Plainsboro, NJ. The win was truly a team effort requiring everyone’s unique skills.

The district event began on Saturday with qualifying matches where each alliance was psuedo-randomly assigned. All in all, there were 74 matches, each team participating in 12. Members of our scouting team sat in the stands keeping a tight vigil. We recorded a variety of statistics about all the teams competing, including shooting efficiency, rate of delivering gears, and ability to climb the rope. Very quickly, it became obvious which teams were able to consistently perform at a high level. Teams like 222 – Tigertrons, 293 – SPIKE, 747 – Flight Crew, and others caught our scouts’ attention. In one of our matches, our fellow alliance members didn’t show up, resulting in a 1 versus 3 game. We lost the game, but were still able to put up a large sum of points. Despite the setback, we relished the opportunity for our robot to shine solo and were sure other teams took notice.

The qualifying matches wrapped up Sunday morning and our team, along with teams 222 and 2016, scored the highest score of the event thus far (400 points) in the second to last match before alliance selections. With a record of 9-2-1, our team finished ranked second out of the 37 attending teams. During the alliance selection process, the number 1 seed, 293, selected team 222. We then selected team 303 and were excited to also pick up 1923 on the second half of the serpentine draft.

Our alliance bested the 7th seeded alliance in the quarterfinals and 6th seeded alliance in the semi finals. In the finals, we and our opponents (teams 747, 75, and 1403) had very similar strategies, focusing on gear delivery occasionally augmented by shooting fuel. Team 303 really shined in this area. Their firing rate and aim gave us the edge. While the points from fuel are small, they make a difference when opponents have matched gear delivery and climbing abilities. Ultimately, our alliance emerged on top!

Team 25 really shined today at Mount Olive. Between our pit crew, scouts, drivers, and alliance members, we all really clicked and were able to successfully execute our planned strategies. We hope our auspicious start is a sign of bigger victories ahead!

Our next competition is the MAR Montgomery District Event held at Montgomery High School in Skillman, NJ April 1-2.

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