MAR District Championship Event – World Championship here we come!

It was a crazy four days for Raider Robotix! Starting from the first day of the Mid-Atlantic Region District Championship when the Pit and Drive Team set up, to the last day when we qualified for the St. Louis World Championship, it was a ride!

The President of FIRST, Don Bossi, happened to stay at the same hotel as our team and took note of our team’s conduct. During the first day’s opening ceremony, Don gave our team a shout out for exemplifying the concept of “gracious professionalism” while representing FIRST in public. This recognition made our coaches and mentors proud of the team.

With over 100 qualification matches to be played, our scouts were hard at work, looking to see which teams would be best align with ours to to try to win 

the regional championship event. The level of competition at this event was higher than our previous two district events, as all 60 teams from the NJ/PA/DE area had to qualify to compete there. Amongst the competitors were robots with a lot of different features, all of which could be useful to win.

During alliance selections, the #8 seeded team, Team 1923 – The MidKnight Inventors picked us and Team 75 – RoboRaiders as partners for their alliance, which was the same exact alliance we assembled at the Montgomery District Event the previous week! Everyone from the teams was very excited to see what we could accomplish together again. From working together at the Montgomery event, we already had a good camaraderie and knew what our game plan would be for the playoffs.

Unfortunately, our Alliance did not make it through quarterfinals and were eliminated from the tournament. However, our cumulative performance at our first two district events and this regeional championship earned us enough ranking points to qualify Raider Robotix for the St. Louis World Championships! We have previously won the World Championship in 2000 and 2012 and hope to add another blue banner to our two existing ones from this season!

We are looking forward to our next competition at the St. Louis World Championships at America’s Center Dome in St.Louis, MO April 27-29! Especially because this will be the last year the championship will be held in St. Louis!

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