St. Louis World Championship — Completing Our 21st season

Raider Robotix has ended the season on a great note! The St. Louis World Championship was the biggest competition yet and much more challenging than anything we had faced thus far in the 2017 season. There were robots from all over the country and around the world! It was interesting for our pit scouters to see all the different robots in our division and attending the whole competition. There were teams all the way from Israel and Canada to Florida and Texas to friendly faces from Mid-Atlantic Robotics.

We were placed in the Carson division along with a few other friendly faces from the region, such as Team 303. After a tiring 114 qualification matches, our team ranked 25th out of 68, with a 6-4 record. During alliance selections, our team was was picked by alliance #1, captained by Team 303 – TEST team, with whom we won Mount Olive, Team 2451 – PWNAGE, and 2194 – Fondy Fire.

As the fourth team picked for the alliance, we were the backup bot. Should anything happen to the other robots, we were ready to take their place. However, our scouts and strategy team provided information to the alliance to shape the game play on the field. Our drive coach, Shaun, proved valuable behind the player station glass, helping to execute strategies. The alliance made it past the quarterfinals, but then lost in two semifinals matches with scores of 472-538 and 411-532. Despite this loss, Raider Robotix had a very successful season winning two blue banners at the district events. After a four year drought, our team now has now earned 21 total blue banners over the course of our 21 year history.

This season we had a completely new drive team and pit crew and they worked tremendously together and did outstanding for their first time. Our scouts, being all freshmen, learned a lot about how FIRST works and helped us a lot throughout the season. In all, everyone on the team played a vital part in the success of this season. We’re looking forward to our next event, our annual off-season, Brunswick Eruption, hosted here at North Brunswick Township High School! We’re looking forward to seeing all of you there to support our team!

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