Brunswick Eruption Sweet 16!

By: Nicole Eng & Arushi Bhatia

Our annual off-season event, Brunswick Eruption, was held on November 11, 2017 for the 16th year. A total of 40 teams from across New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania compacted into the NBTHS gymnasium to compete in the 2017 FRC game, Steamworks.

Event setup began the previous day when team members and volunteers arrived at 9 AM to begin emptying the field elements from the POD storage containers. Team 747, who we would like to especially thank, came to assist us, as building the field was a long and rigorous task. Although this year included the addition of the airships to set up, our volunteers split into groups to construct each part of the field. By doing this, we were able to have the entire field up in no time. Once this assignment was completed, only minor jobs–like wiring field electronics and setting up the robot pits and concession stands–were left before everything was prepared for the big day.

All field elements were tested first thing on Saturday morning before matches began. Practice matches kicked off the long, yet exciting day of competition. Teams also participated in our food drive and shoe drive prior to opening ceremonies. Immediately after opening ceremonies ended, the match schedule was posted, teams began queueing up, and qualification matches began. Teams were eager to see their robots’ performance for the very last time this season. Qualification matches went by quickly as teams watched and recalled the intensity of the competition one last time.

Alliance selections were conducted right before the lunch break; the top eight seeded teams took the field and carefully selected two teams, plus a backup, to form the strongest alliances possible. Our annual Evil Sundae competition was held right before playoff rounds. The Evil Sundae is a “sundae” that consists of a combination of unusual ingredients, Whoever eats the entire sundae the fastest wins! This year’s sundae included: a pancake, three brussel sprouts, half a sardine, mustard sauce, honey barbecue sauce, hot cheetos with mac and cheese, honey, whipped cream, gummy worms, red hot candy and bacon. Sounds delicious, right?

The alliances were as follows:

1) 694, 5895, 1257, 41

2) 747, 222, 3637, 102

3) 1279, 2590, 219, 56

4) 533, 303, 1089, 1626

5) 75, 25, 4653, 6327

6) 2601, 333, 527, 3340

7) 806, 4575, 369, 5421

8) 1923, 4361, 271, 3142

These eight alliances battled their way through the playoffs until it came down to the last bracket: the finals matches. This home stretch reached out to the audience and left them on the edge of their seats. The first seeded alliance and second seeded alliance were left to fight until the champion came out victorious. After just two matches, alliance one conquered the field and were crowned the triumphant winners.

Congratulations to the following teams and individuals for taking home Brunswick Eruption Tiki Trophies:

Winners: 694, 5895, 1257, 41

Finalists: 747, 222, 3637, 102

Mahlo Award: 747

Food Drive Award: 806 (a total of 1,480 items collected)

Shoe Drive Award: 1626 (a total of 473 pairs collected)

Evil Sundae Survivor: Ironmen Robotics (Team 4653)

Kumu Mentor Award: Joe McCullough (Team 4575)

Big Kahuna Award: Harshal Dalal

Lastly, we would like to give a huge thank you to all the volunteers who contributed their time to make this year’s event such a success! To Team 747 and Team 4575, who lent their helping hands to speed up the cleanup process, we graciously thank you! This year’s event was such a success and we would love to see everyone back next year! Visit the Raider Robotix Flickr page to check out more photos from the event!

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