Presentation on “FIRST” Robotics

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Presentation on “FIRST” Robotics


Presentation on FIRST Robotics lead by Donald Bowers, FIRST Regional Director for Delaware, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania and Wayne Cokeley, the lead teacher-coach of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams at North Brunswick HS. There are over 2000 FRC teams in the US and the North Brunswick FRC team – Raider Robotix is one of the oldest and longest running in the United States. The presentation will include an overview of the four FIRST Robotics programs and demonstrations of an FRC and an FTC robot by Raider Robotix.

FIRST hopes to excite the members and friends of ISA and IEEE about their programs and recruit interested members to be FIRST volunteers and catch the “FIRST FEVER”

Date: October, 27 2011
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – networking, food and refreshments
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm – presentation

Location: DeVry U., North Brunswick – Room: 2020

Space is limited; please confirm your attendance to: Alex Habib at:

A New Season About to Begin


The school year begins Tuesday, September 6. And that means a new season for Raider Robotix!

Our first meeting will take place in room 124 on September 14 but take note – there will be no late bus that day. Team meetings will take place in room 124 each Wednesday thereafter, as usual, unless otherwise announced. The Team Calendar is presently up-to-date.

There will be NO Clubfest this year. So if you’re interested in possibly becoming part of the ever-awesome Raider Robotix team then you MUST come to the September 21st meeting and sign up.

We’ve got lots of work to do to make this season our best ever. There are plenty of openings in a variety of areas for smart, talented, motivated students. Come to the meeting on the 21st to learn more.

See you at the meeting!

LEGO Camp – the 2011 Session

The 2011 edition of LEGO Robotics Camp was one of the best ever! This was the 3rd year I had Camp participants working on their robots.the pleasure of working with the student volunteers of Raider Robotix – FIRST Team 25 to make this happen.

The student volunteer logistics were a bit unusual. One had graduated this past June, but had helped run the Camp in the past and strongly pressed to work the program again. Two others needed to leave the camp near the end to attend the Indiana Regional Invitational, an off-season competition; they needed to cover their absence with other team members. Then there was the robot demo that some of our Camp crew ran for Ms. Russo’s enrichment classes, at her request. The team’s 2010 season PR person, now graduated, stepped in to help with that. So we had a rather large crew this year; 10 on my student volunteer roster.

18 registered participants attended the Camp this year, our largest number ever. Everyone – we survey the kids at the end – reported having a great time! Some told us that the final challenge was a bit *too* challenging. Okay, so there’s something to work on for next year.

The LEGO Camp program is similar each year, but each crew of student volunteers brings its own signature to the activities. Generally there’s a new challenge each day or so. Each calls upon participants, working in small groups, to design and build a machine from LEGO parts to complete the challenge. I’m always delighted to see how the strengths of one team or another perform better at each challenge. Seldom does one team dominate.

Camp participant tries her hand driving the Raider Robotix competition robot.It’s becoming a tradition that Camp participants enjoy the opportunity to learn about – and even operate – a Raider Robotix competition robot. This session was no exception. We took over the library, where the team practiced for the 2010 season, and all participants had the opportunity to try driving and placing tubes on the grid. Some did better than others, but I’m pleased to report that there were no mishaps or injuries to kids – or to the robot!

Believe it or not, some members of the Raider Robotix team had their first exposure to the FIRST Robotics program through our LEGO Camp!

All told, it was a very successful Camp and parent survey results concur. Check out some pictures in the team gallery.

You might be thinking that your child would be interested in participating in next year’s Camp, and that’s great. You need to know that the program has limited capacity. We fill up fast and when that happens we have no choice but to turn would-be participants away. Don’t let that happen to you!

Learn more about the program on our LEGO Camp mini site and make sure you get onto our early notification email list. Then you’ll hear about the details of the next program just as soon as they’re available, well in advance of our usual publicity efforts. Further, our promise to you: we hate spam as much as you, maybe more. We won’t use your email address for anything – other than to tell you about the LEGO Camp program. No exceptions.

See you next year!

Walk With Us

Funny thing about these FIRST competitions. There’s an awful lot of video out there. You’ll see the winning team from the stands and you’ll see them from the floor as they come down *from* the stands, but you seldom see a team’s eye view. As a mentor for Raider Robotics, when they earned that walk at the Virginia Regional I was able to capture that view.

So here’s your opportunity to walk down to the stage, pick up a medal, pose for photos, the whole nine yards.

Feel the excitement?