Atlanta Championships 2010

The 2010 FIRST Championship in Atlanta was a celebration of Science and Technology bringing together teams from different countries to compete. It was also the first time I ever attended a FIRST Championship. I spent a great deal of time in the pits and found the experience invigorating. Watching all the teams intently honing their robots for the competition plus the camaraderie shown by each team was commendable.

Team 25 Scoring & Elevation (2010)

6-Mar-2010: At the NJ Regionals qualification match 15, Raider Robotix FIRST Team 25 dominates the scoring and elevates itself at the end of the match. According to the ref’s announcement at the end, this match sets a new national high score of 11 – but that’s open for debate. Red: Teams 486, 1672 & 714. Blue: Teams 223, 41 & 25. Team 25 is wearing their trademark Hawaiian shirts.