A Salute to Team 25’s 2011 Graduates

After a fantastic season, I decided to put together this tribute to the 2011 Team 25 graduates. Sure, some will keep working for the team but as alumni their role will change. Over the years, this is part of the core crew that’s collectively pulled off some amazing stuff, leaving some pretty big shoes to fill. We’ll all miss ’em.

Out of the thousands of photos we’ve taken over a period of a few years, I think you’ll like these.


Walk With Us

Funny thing about these FIRST competitions. There’s an awful lot of video out there. You’ll see the winning team from the stands and you’ll see them from the floor as they come down *from* the stands, but you seldom see a team’s eye view. As a mentor for Raider Robotics, when they earned that walk at the Virginia Regional I was able to capture that view.

So here’s your opportunity to walk down to the stage, pick up a medal, pose for photos, the whole nine yards.

Feel the excitement?

Raider Robotix Classroom Closeup [Video]

Below is a copy of the Classroom Closeup special, produced by Adam Bauser, about Raider Robotix that aired on NJN.

Team 25, Raider Robotix (raiderrobotix.org) is an award-winning robotics team from North Brunswick High School that competes in FIRST (usfirst.org) competitions. By organizing into sub groups that include a build crew, drive team, scouting team, public relations, animation group, and spirit team, the organization provides opportunities for students to explore their interests in engineering, science, and more. Strong support from the local community, parents, and alumni contribute to the team’s continued success.

Robotics from Adam Bauser on Vimeo.

Team 25 Scoring & Elevation (2010)

6-Mar-2010: At the NJ Regionals qualification match 15, Raider Robotix FIRST Team 25 dominates the scoring and elevates itself at the end of the match. According to the ref’s announcement at the end, this match sets a new national high score of 11 – but that’s open for debate. Red: Teams 486, 1672 & 714. Blue: Teams 223, 41 & 25. Team 25 is wearing their trademark Hawaiian shirts.