Our Outreach

How is Team 25 committed to reaching out to spread the message of FIRST?
Forming and mentoring teams are a few ideals that make FIRST unique. Team 25 has embraced these ideals by starting and menting new teams in the New Jersey and New York region. To accomplish this we formed RINOS and ECDU. RINOS to deal with the growth and development of FIRST and ECDU to deal with the competition aspect of FIRST. To learn more about RINOS, please visit our dedicated RINOS page by clicking here.
How is Team 25 committed to reaching out in their local community?
Raider Robotix ensures that it takes a large part in helping the local community that is largely responsible for what it is now. Thus, each member is required to have completed a minimum of ten hours of community service in the given year by the time the new season starts.
Why is Raider Robotix so concerned about their community?
It is our future! The members of Team 25 acknowledge that to ensure a bright future for themselves, their community, and America as a whole, it is vital to spread the principles of FIRST to as many as we can. In addition to that, it is important and our responsibility to help those out in our local community that have helped us to become the mature, responsible citizens we are now.