Raider Parent Mentors (RPM) Position Summary

If your son or daughter is involved with Raider Robotix, you owe it to yourself to support their hard work and commitment by volunteering some of your valuable time to RPM. It’s seriously fulfilling and has been known to be habit-forming. You’ll be glad that you did.

This position summary will help you to direct your efforts for maximum effectiveness.


  • Presides over meetings
  • Sets calendar for monthly meetings
  • Sends meeting reminder emails

Fundraising Chairperson

  • Sets fundraising calendar
  • Assigns coordinator for each fundraiser

Fundraising Committee (minimum 3 volunteers)

  • Searches for fundraising opportunities which have little to no upfront costs and a high return on investment of time
  • Recruits parent support for fundraisers
  • Assists specific fundraiser coordinator with event planning
  • Works with Media-P/R committee to advertise fundraising events

Sponsorship Recruitment

  • Contacts businesses for potential sponsorship
  • Makes presentations to potential sponsors
  • Maintains contact with sponsors and invites VIPs to team events

Media/Public Relations

  • Prepares press releases to distribute to local media
  • Prepares marketing materials for team sponsorship and team activities
  • Sends thank you letters to sponsors and businesses donating products

Community Service Coordinator

  • Tracks community service hours submitted by students
  • Looks for service opportunities & notifies students of them
  • Sends occastional reminders to students that are deficient

Parent Driver Coordinator

  • Recruits parents to provide transportation to off-season and other out of area events
  • Assigns students in need of transportation to available parent drivers
  • Distributes directions and driving schedules to parent drivers

Brunswick Eruption Parent Coordinator

  • Contacts all parents to recruit participation
  • Coordinates parent schedule

Brunswick Eruption Donation Solicitation

  • Contacts local vendors to solicit food donations

Brunswick Eruption T-shirt Sponsor Recruitment

  • Recruits $100 sponsors to help pay for event T-shirts

Brunswick Eruption Chef

  • Coordinates all food to be sold and pricing
  • Supervises food preparation

Other Opportunities for Parent Participation

  • Be a driver to an event
  • Be a travel chaperone for overnight trips
  • Coordinate a fundraiser
  • Participate in fundraisers
  • Participate at Brunswick Eruption: kitchen, food sales, field set-up & take down

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