Raider Parent Mentors (RPM)

Raider Parent Mentors, or RPM, is our parent-based organization. Formed originally by Mike Ciance, parent of two former student team members, RPM has grown to become a vital contributor to the smooth running of Raider Robotix activities.

RPM assists at the team’s major activities, such as Brunswick Eruption and Lego Camp, and provides rides for students to off-season competitions and other events. The parent mentors seek out community service opportunities for the students, tracking their progress for team travel eligibility. Parents volunteer to prepare & deliver meals to the high school during the always hectic build season. In addition to manpower, RPM coordinates various fundraising activities throughout the year. And of course, you’ll always find RPM members at competitions and other events enthusiastically cheering the team!

RPM meets once a month in the Media Resource Center (MRC) at NBTHS, generally on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at 7PM. Check the team calendar for specific dates.

Membership naturally varies as students graduate and others join. We’re in one of those periods of flux right now. Presently RPM is led by Mike Savin.

How is RPM Organized?

RPM self-organizes into committees as needed to focus on various team functions, and individual committees establish their own meeting schedules as need dictates. These areas are core.

RPM Chairperson Jennifer Hammill
Treasurer Jody Ikuss
Lori Kaye
Fundraising Chairperson Lakshmi Sirisha
Fundraising Committee VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
Community Service Lakshmi Sirisha
Marianne Keyser
Build Season Meal Coordinator Robin Hart
Recording Secretary Susan Mitchell
Website Rick Plavnicky
Lego Camp
Rick Plavnicky
BE Parent Coordinators Cho Chan
Lynne Zimmerman
Ed Mui
Donation Solicitation POSITION OPENING
BE T-Shirt Sponsorship Recruitment Jody Ikuss
Tom Ikuss
Sponsorship Recruitment Lori Kaye
Tom Ikuss
Lakshmi Sirisha
Media / Public Relations Lori Kaye
Parent Driver Coordinators Cho Chan
Ed Mui
OLP Liaison Chris Henning
Shoebox Recycling Project Mentor Jennifer Hammill
BE Chef Anthony Schamper

To find out more about RPM and the amazing things that they do, or to join or volunteer, read about roles within RPM and contact Jennifer today.