Evil Machine 15.0: Spider-Bot

Created to play the game FIRST Steamworks

Features: Evil Machine 15 was designed to collect gears from the human player station and swiftly deliver them to the pilot on the airship. The gear delivery system was pneumatically actuated, with gear delivery being a passive process in which the pilot pulled the gear up and out of the robot after it was aligned on the airship peg. At the end of the match, the robot used a large Velcro drum to climb a rope and lift itself off the ground. The robot also featured an intake system, which was used to sweep balls off the field and out of the way or to deliver other robots fuel. Check out our robot fact sheet for more information.

  • MAR Mount Olive District Winner (#2 Alliance Captain)
  • MAR Montgomery District Winner
  • MAR District Championship Quarter-Finalist
  • FRC World Carson Division Semifinalist (Backup Bot)
  • Brunswick Eruption Semifinalist

Evil Machine 14.0: The Executioner

Created to play the 2016 game, FIRST Stronghold

2016 RobotFeatures: Evil Machine 14 was designed to damage the defenses, deliver boulders to the opponents’ courtyard, score in the low goal, and scale the tower. Rather than shooting into the high goal, we focused on building a defensive support robot to help guarantee our alliance the extra ranking points from breaching the outer works and capturing the tower. This year, emphasis was placed on building a robust machine to stand up to the rigors of FIRST Stronghold. We also made extensive use of 3D printed parts to save money, create novel solutions, and accelerate the fabrication process. Check out our robot fact sheet.

  • MAR Hatboro-Horsham District Semi-Finalist (#1 Alliance Captain)
  • MAR Hatboro-Horsham Gracious Professionalism Award
  • MAR Bridgewater-Raritan District Finalist
  • MAR Bridgewater-Raritan District Industrial Design Award
  • MAR District Championship Finalist
  • FRC World Curie Division Quarter-Finalist (#3 Alliance Captain)

2015 Robot

Evil Machine 13.0: Scorpion Stacker

Created to play the 2015 game, Recycle Rush .

Features: Evil Machine 13’s design was optimized to quickly construct stacks of 6 totes at the human player station and then place a recycling container on top. Receiving totes from the human player guarantees a consistent delivery of game pieces and minimizes the amount of time spent aligning to totes on the field. The ability to place a recycling container on top of an existing stack of six totes allows us to maximize our score. Check out our robot fact sheet.

  • MAR Hatboro-Horsham District Quarterfinalist (#3 Alliance Captain)
  • MAR Seneca District Semi-Finalist
  • MAR Seneca District Creativity Award
  • MAR North Brunswick District Semi-Finalist
  • MAR North Brunswick District Creativity Award
  • MAR District Championship Quarter-Finalist

Evil Machine 12.0: Catch-25

Created to play the 2014 game, Aerial Assist .

Check out our Robot Reveal Video!

Features: Evil Machine 12 was designed to maximize the number of points an alliance could score per cycle by functioning as the middleman catching robot. Our design focuses on being able to quickly acquire the ball from human players and other robots and pass it down the field. Evil Machine 12’s signature drive train, spring loaded servo breaks, and custom treaded Skyway Bead-LOK wheels combine to make a formidable defender. Check out our robot fact sheet.

  • MAR Hatboro-Horsham District Engineering Inspiration Award
  • MAR Hatboro-Horsham District Finalist
  • MAR Lenape-Seneca District Creativity Award
  • MAR Championship Engineering Inspiration Award Winners
  • FRC World Championship Newton Division Creativity Award
  • FRC World Championship Newton Division Semi-Finalist
  • H.E.R.E. (Hoboken Engineered Robotics Event) Winner
  • MidKnight Mayhem Winner

Our 2012 Robot, Evil Machine 10

Evil Machine 11.0: Evil Twin

Created to play the 2013 game, Ultimate Ascent .

Check out our Robot Reveal Video!

Features: This year Team 25 worked with Team 103, Cybersonics, to produce identical twins. Featuring Team 25’s traditional six wheeled drive train, the robot is able to zip around the field picking up frisbees to shoot. Its adjustable tilt allows for shooting discs into the high goal from multiple locations. For the end game, the robot has a climbing mechanism that enables it to hang at the top rung of the pyramid for 30 points and dump colored frisbees into the goal at the top the pyramid.

  • Hatboro-Horsham District Quarter-Finalist
  • TCNJ District Semi-finalist
  • Las Vegas Regional Quarter-Finalist

Our 2012 Robot, Evil Machine 10

Our 2012 Robot, Evil Machine 10, at the Mount Olive District Event.

Evil Machine 10.0: Rasheed “The Sheed” Wallace

Created to play the 2012 game, Rebound Rumble.

Check out our MAR Championship Highlight video!

Features: Evil Machine 10 was designed to be simple and robust. Featuring Team 25’s traditional six wheeled drive train, the robot is able to zip around the field (including going over the bump) collecting basketballs using a two stage polycord lift. The shooter head is mounted on a turret and a special “headlight” emits a vertical beam of light. Together, these two features allow the drivers to accurately align the robot with the goals from both near and afar. During the endgame (and in autonomous!) the robot is able to perform a “wheelie” to lower the bridges. A pair of spring-loaded servo brakes locks the drive train, ensuring the robot will never roll off a bridge, balanced or not.

  • Mount Olive MAR District Champion
  • MAR Championship Winner
  • FRC World Championship Galileo Division Winners
  • FRC World Championship Winners
  • Brunswick Eruption 11 Winners

Evil Machine 9.0: La Guillotine v2.0 AKA Déjà Vu

2011 Robot

Our 2011 robot at the Virginia Regional. Photo Credit: Will Weaver

Created to play the 2011 game, Logomotion.

Check out our Championship Highlight video!

Features: The mast and gripper for Evil Machine 9 were heavily inspired by our successful 2007 design. Key differences include an improved 6 wheel drive base with new side plate patterns, a faster worm-gear driven mast to prevent back drive, and pneumatically actuated open/close and angle up/down features for the gripper. On the back of the machine is a minibot alignment and deployment device for use during the endgame. Minibot: The endgame of Logomotion required teams to deploy minibots onto 10′ poles. The first minibots to reach the top received the most bonus points. Our minibot, Little Richard, has an official climb time of 0.93 seconds. The improvements in the current 9th iteration were made to decrease weight and more rigidly support the direct-driven motor shafts, whose axles are covered with surgical tubing. Unlike previous versions, it adheres to the pole using a piece of PVC pipe as a clip instead of magnets. Robot Fact Sheet

  • 2011 VA Regional Champion (#3 Alliance Captain)
  • 2011 VA Regional Xerox Creativity Award
  • 2011 World Championship Newton Division Winners
  • 2011 World Championship Semi-finalists

Evil Machine 8.0: Cyclone

2010 Robot

Our 2010 robot, Evil Machine 8: Cyclone. Photo credit: Christina Rizer

Created to play the 2010 game, Breakaway.

Features: The aptly named “Cyclone” uses a wind tunnel to capture and maintain possession of soccer balls from anywhere on field, even the hard to reach corners! The robot also has a lift mechanism that uses a worm gear driven winch and pulley system to hang vertically for bonus points at the end of the match. Check out Cyclone in action in its second match at the 2010 NJ Regional.
Robot Fact Sheet

  • NJ Regional Regional Champion (#1 Alliance Captain)

    2010 Robot Hanging

    Our 2010 robot hanging from the side bar of the tower for bonus points. Photo credit: Christina Rizer

  • NJ Regional GM Industrial Design Award
  • NJ Regional Coopertition Award
  • Tie for Highest Week 1 Score
  • Las Vegas Regional [undefeated] Champions
  • Las Vegas Regional Coopertition Award
  • Las Vegas Regional GM Industrial Design Award
  • Cirque de Soleil $5,000 Robot Design Grant Recipients
  • Championship Archimedes Division Semi-finalists
  • PARC Champions
  • Monty Madness #1 Seed
  • Monty Madness Champions
  • Bridgewater-Raritan Battle Royale (BR)^2 #1 Seed
  • Bridgewater-Raritan Battle Royale (BR)^2 High Score (22 Points)
  • Bridgewater-Raritan Battle Royale (BR)^2 Champions
  • Duel on the Delaware Champions (5th Seed Alliance Captain)
  • Brunswick Eruption 9 Number One Seed
  • Brunswick Eruption 9 Champions

Evil Machine 7.0: The Ball Gobbler Created to play the 2009 game, Lunacy.

Our 2009 robot, Evil Machine 7: The Ball Gobbler. Photo Credit: Michelle Celio

Features: Designed to hold the largest possible amount of balls, The Ball Gobbler can be filled with game pieces by collecting them off the floor or being loaded by the human player. A unique conveyor system uses brushes to transport the balls from the hopper up to the turreted, camera-assisted shooter. This robot also features an innovative two-speed pneumatic ball-lock shifter.

Robot Fact Sheet
Championship Promotional Video
“Behind the Design” Award Book (pdf)

  • NJ Regional Finalists
  • Florida Regional Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award
  • Monty Madness Champions
  • Bridgewater-Raritan Battle Royale (BR)^2 Finalists
  • Duel on the Delaware Champions (4th Seed alliance captain)

Evil Machine 6.0: Jughandle

2008 Robot

Our 2008 robot, Evil Machine 6: Jughandle!

Created to play the 2008 game, Overdrive.

Features: Jughandle has no explicit pick up mechanism; coupled with good driving, trackballs “pop up” into the “cup.” The throwing mechanism contained in the base raises the ball upwards until it hits a mechanical stop, launching the ball into the air at a 45-degree angle. A custom IR remote control system, developed in a partnership with Infrared Remote Solutions Inc., enabled our “robo-coach” to fully drive the robot during the game’s hybrid mode. Robot Fact Sheet

  • NJ Regional Champions
  • Hawaii Regional Autodesk Visualization Award
  • Hawaii Regional Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award
  • PARC XI Champions
  • Monty Madness Finalists
  • Battle O’ Baltimore Champions
  • Duel on the Delaware Champions
  • Pascack PANDAmonium #1 Seed
  • Pascack PANDAmonium Champions
  • Pascack PANDAmonium “Best Display of GP” Award
  • Brunswick Eruption 7 Champions
  • Ramp Riot #1 Seed
  • Ramp Riot Champions


Evil Machine 5.0: La Guillotine AKA Rack-A-Tier

2007 Robot

Our 2007 robot, Evil Machine 5: La Guillotine AKA Rack-A-Tier.

Created to play the 2007 game, Rack N’ Roll.

Features: Its powerful 8 wheel drive train provides stability for the mast, which extends from the ground to 14′ tall in less than 2 seconds. The gripper grabs tubes by their inner diameter, using a worm gear to ensure a tight grip, and is mounted on a set of saloon door hinges. A potentiometer on the mast allows for preset mast heights, and an ultrasonic sensor and the CMUcam provided for an accurate autonomous mode. This robot was published in the 2007 FIRST Robots: Rack ‘N’ Roll: Behind the Design book. Robot Fact Sheet

  • NJ Regional Champion
  • NJ Regional #1 Seed
  • NJ Regional General Motors Industrial Design Award
  • UTC Woodie Flowers Award (Paul Kloberg)
  • UTC Regional Finalist
  • Championships Galileo #3 Seed (Undefeated through qualification)
  • Official Season Record: 32-8-2
  • PARC #1 Seed
  • PARC Champions
  • PARC Out of the PARC Award
  • Battle O’ Baltimore #1 Seed
  • Battle O’ Baltimore Champions
  • Duel on the Delaware Finalists
  • Brunswick Eruption VI Champions
  • Ramp Riot Champions

Evil Machine 4.0: The Enforcer AKA Bingo

2006 Robot

Our 2006 robot, Evil Machine 4.0: The Enforcer AKA Bingo.

Created to play the 2006 game, Aim High.

Features: Shooter features a single axle combining the paddle, wheel, and tilt functions.

  • NJ Regional Champions
  • NJ Regional Chairman’s Award
  • NJ Regional Woody Flowers Award (Wayne Cokeley)
  • NJ Regional #1 Seed
  • Las Vegas Regional Champions
  • Las Vegas Regional Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award
  • Las Vegas Regional #1 Seed
  • National Championship Newton Division Champions
  • National Championship Finalists
  • National Championship Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award
  • Pennsylvania Annual Robotics Challenge (PARC) Champions
  • Monty Madness Champions
  • Duel on the Delaware Champions

Evil Machine 3.0

2005 robot

Our 2005 robot, Evil Machine 3.0.

Created to play the 2005 game, Triple Play.

Features: Drives at 14.4 ft/s; Mast goes 14 ft high; Finger is made to efficiently pick up and drop tetras on goals.

  • NJ Regional – Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award
  • NJ Regional – Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award
  • SC Regional – Finalist
  • SC Regional – General Motors Industrial Design Award
  • Pennsylvania Annual Robotics Challenge (PARC) Champions
  • Montclair Mayhem Finalists
  • Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) Semi-Finalists
  • Capital Clash Quarter-Finalists
  • Ramp Riot Champions

Evil Machine 2.0

2004 Robot

Our 2004 robot, Evil Machine 2.0.

Created to play the 2004 game, FIRST Frenzy.

Features: Wheelie Bar: Helps the robot get up the platform very fast; Arm: Helps the robot get up on the bar within 30 seconds, and can get the robot up within no time if it tips over; Powerful Drive Base

  • NJ Regional – Leadership in Control Award
  • Chesapeake Regional – Engineering Inspiration
  • Duel on the Delaware Champions
  • Duel on the Delaware Champion (used by a pre-rookie).
  • Frenzy Finale Champions
  • Ramp Riot Champions
  • Brunswick Eruption Finalists
  • Pennsylvania Annual Robotics Challenge (PARC) Quarter-Finalists


Evil Machine 1.0

2003 Robot

Our 2003 robot, Evil Machine 1.0.

Created to play the 2003 game, Stack Attack.

Features: Powerful Drive Base – Moves up to 10 ft/s; Pneumatic Wings to knock down the wall (Stack Attack)

  • National Championship Finalists
  • National Championship Curie Division Champions
  • NJ Regional Champions
  • Chesapeake Regional – Judge’s Award
  • Pennsylvania Annual Robotics Challenge (PARC) Champions
  • Indiana Robotics Invitational Semi-Finalists
  • Duel on the Delaware Quarter-Finalists
  • Ramp Riot Quarter-Finalists
  • Brunswick Eruption Quarter-Finalists

Silver Scorpion

2002 Robot

Our 2002 robot, Silver Scorpion.

Created to play the 2002 game, Zone Zeal.

Features: Two large hooked claws which go to a preset ready position at the touch of a button and are protected by shock absorbers; A rotating turret on top of which releases a fast moving mini-bot attached to a 32-foot tail made of 1.5 foot sections; Brakes

  • NJ Regional Finalist
  • NJ Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
  • National Championship Archimedes Divisional Winners
  • Duel on the Delaware Champions
  • Brunswick Eruption Champions
  • Ramp Riot Champions



2001 Robot

Our 2001 robot, Robo-Kong.

Created to play the 2001 game, Diabolical Dynamics.

Features: Can jump over dividing bar in just under 10 seconds; Uses a 6-wheel hi/low speed drive system

  • J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional
  • Xerox Creativity Award






Cradle-Robber Created to play the 2000 game, Co-opertition FIRST.

2000 Robot

Our 2000 robot, Cradle-Robber.

Features: Uses its 12-foot telescoping arm to steal balls from the opponents goal while remaining stationary under the bar between the two goals

  • FRC World Champions
  • FRC World Championship Division Winner
  • J&J Mid-Atlantic Winner
  • J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional Xerox Creativity Award
  • J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional Best Offensive Round Award



1999 Robot

1999 Robot

Our 1999 robot, “1999 Robot”. Admittedly, not the most creative name.

Created to play the 1999 game, Double Trouble.







1998 Robot 1998 Robot Created to play the 1998 game, Ladder Logic. Features: Uses a PVC gun, mounted on the back of the robot, to pop opponent’s balls out of place.








1997 Silver Eagle

1997 Robot

Our 1997 robot, Silver Eagle.

Created in our rookie year to play the 1997 game, Toroid Terror. Check out more pictures from our rookie season in our gallery!