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RRPMA Membership Enrollment for the 2016-2017 School Year

Please begin by telling us about yourself.

Next, please tell us about your affiliation with Raider Robotix.

Are you the parent of a current student team member? If so, please tell us about your student.

Are you the parent of a Raider Robotix Alumnus? If so, please tell us about your Alumnus.


Note: Alumnus are enrolled as non-voting members. Alumnus who are also active mentors are voting members.

As stated in the Bylaws, in addition to the affiliations described above, RRPMA membership is also open to "[...] adults with an interest in supporting the organization's purpose." Perhaps you're an executive of a sponsoring company, a school official, or have some other kind of interest. If that's the case, check the next checkbox and then describe your interest in a couple of words.

Now, please tell us about your areas of interest. Check any item shown that you would be willing to help with.

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When you enroll your email address will be added to our News & Announcements distribution list. You'll receive occasional messages that we feel are important to all members. We do not sell, lease, or otherwise use your email address for any other purpose.

If you do not wish to see these interesting and informative occasional messages in your inbox you may opt-out by clicking the checkbox below.


Every member should be familiar with the RRPMA Bylaws.



Click the Submit Enrollment button only once, then wait for the acknowledgement message.