Student Subteams

Team 25 organizes its students into different groups to maximize what our team is capable of. Members of each group are not strictly isolated to the work of their group, but can also get involved in other groups as well. The groups are as follows:

Chairman’s Crew/Awards Committee
The Chairman’s Award is the greatest honor in the FIRST competition. The award is given to the team that best exemplifies the ideals of FIRST. To do so, a team must show community involvement, demonstrate the strength of their community and corporate partnerships, inspire other teams, be a role model, and be of service to the FIRST community. To earn this award the team must demonstrate the above through the  creation of a Chairman’s submission in the form of a written submission, verbal presentation, and video.

The students on this sub-team are responsible for documenting our team’s efforts and compiling the Chairman’s Award submission. Coordination with the other sub-groups is essential for the success of the project. This committee demands students with skills in writing, design, advertising and presenting. You will end up creating a 10,000 word essay, a portfolio, a PowerPoint presentation and various other public relations material.

In addition to the Chairman’s Award, there are many other technical, design, and business related awards to be won at FIRST competitions. The Awards Committee, which often includes the leaders of each of the other subcommittees, works to create robot fact sheets, informational team handouts, presentations, pit displays, and more in order to best showcase Raider Robotix to the judges.

Public Relations Team
The Public Relations Team works to hone interviewing skills and presentations. They often speak directly to groups, judges, and the media. At competitions they are stationed outside the pit area to greet other team members and present our team image to the public. The PR team is also responsible for keeping up to date on FIRST rules revisions and informing the team of any changes throughout the competition season. This team will submit press releases and articles to the local news on a monthly basis and will take and archive photos throughout build season and at competitions.

Build/Pit Crew
During the build season, this sub-team is responsible for the actual design and construction of our robot. At competitions, a subset of the build team becomes the Pit Crew, which is responsible for maintaining the robot between matches, keeping the work area and tools organized, and charging batteries.

At the start of the new season, the build crew is also responsible for the construction of any game field elements that will be needed for testing the robot and driver practice.

Drive Team
The Drive Team consists of an operator, a chassis driver, and a human player. A competitive selection process using robots from previous years selects the drive team. Students interested in becoming drivers practice as much as possible to develop their skills.

The drive team is required to stay with the robot a majority of the time at the competitions. They will also arrive early and stay late to practice at the competitions. This group must communicate well with all other groups, especially with the Scouting Team and the Pit Crew.

This team develops the code for the autonomous and teleoperated functions of the robot. The team teaches (and learns) the Java programming language during the off-season to newcomers and works on the actual programming of the robot during the build season. This team is also involved in the electrical wiring of the robot, including sensor integration. Close cooperation with the Build Crew is essential during build season, and both groups gain excellent experience managing the interdependencies between hardware and software.

The Scouting Team is formed prior to the competition. Students on this team will develop materials and methods to assess other teams’ robots and strategies. Through pit scouting (talking to other teams about their robot designs), match scouting (collecting performance data for each team during every match), videography (digitally recording each match for later review), and photography, the scouting team’s goal is to give our team as much advantage as possible during the competition.

Before the final night of each competition, the scouting and drive teams will meet to analyze the collected data and rank teams to form a pick list to be used during the alliance selection process. Historically, the accuracy of the scouting team’s data has been one of the most important factors contributing to our team’s on-field success.

Volcano (Spirit) Crew
The Volcano Crew is formed in preparation for the competitions. The Volcano Crew is responsible for creating team giveaways (e.g. buttons) and developing other “unique” spirit endeavors.  At the competitions we show support for our team and other teams through cheering and other activities. Showing spirit at the competitions is important for keeping team morale high. It is not uncommon for parents to travel extensively to attend distant competitions and contribute to our team’s presence in the stands.

Web Team
The web crew develops and maintains our online presence. The web team works closely with the PR team to create content for, as well as updating the team’s social media pages (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram).