Website Credits

Go get WordPress. You know you want to.Our site runs on WordPress, very simply the best blogging software in the Universe. Invented by Matt Mullenweg, the roots of WordPress go way back to 2001 and it’s grown to do so much more than simply blog. Got something to say to the world? Head on over to and get a copy of WordPress for your very own.

HostGator logoOur sites are hosted by HostGator using one of their shared hosting packages. Our HostGator account runs under CentOS, a flavor of  Linux, using the Apache Web server software and the MySQL DBMS.

An Emacs-like editor called Epsilon (Lugaru Software, Ltd.) was used extensively in getting this site to where it is today. If there’s anything – anything – that needs to be done with text then Emacs can do it for you. Ever have a pressing need to do a regex search-and-replace in certain files across multiple servers? A walk in the park. Live-edit in a huge file over an FTP or telnet link without the heavy lifting? No problemo. GNU Emacs is free software while Epsilon is COTS, but Lugaru offers an un-crippled, full-featured, cross-platform 30-day trial for the asking.

PayPal logoWhen the time came to do things involving money, we chose to hook up with PayPal. Paypal makes it easy to securely accept donations online without the hassle and expense of a full-featured merchant account. Hey! I’ve got a great idea! Why not try it out right now by donating a few bucks to the team?